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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Olivia Newton-John - Instrument Of Peace

I found this video on Youtube and I thought it was very moving and I thought that more people should see it so I am posting it here just in case there is someone out there who has not found it yet. The video was created by csnellen.
Instrument Of Peace Video

About This Video
In this world where there are wars and rumors of wars - when children are killing children and it is not safe to let kids play in their own yards - now, more than ever, we need those who are peace-makers. Will YOU join with us?

Please note: this is not an anti-war video. There is a time for war and a time for peace. This is a simple message to encourage each one to sow peace in their place in this world, and pray that it spreads.

~ Video set to the music of Olivia Newton-John's "Instrument of Peace"


Monday, August 27, 2007

Olivia Newton-John - New Idea

Olivia Joins New Ideas Pink Jacket Campaign.

New Idea Magazine
Sept 1 2007
Thanks to Trevor

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Friday, August 24, 2007

Olivia and Mannheim Steamroller

Olivia track on new
Mannheim Steamroller Christmas CD!

Mannheim Steamroller - Christmas Song

1st Mannheim new relase in 6 years!
Street Date 10/9/07

Mannheim Steamroller has sold more than 23 million Christmas albums – more than any other artist in music history! Christmas Song is their first all new release since Christmas Extraordinaire in 2001, which has sold more than 3 million copies. Christmas Song features the legendary Johnny Mathis singing "The Christmas Song" (Chestnuts Roasting). Also featured is the incomparable Olivia Newton-John singing "Christmas Lullaby", a Chip Davis original song. Other song selections include dynamic arrangements of holiday favorites: "Let It Snow", "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas", "Frosty the Snowman" and "We Wish You A Merry Christmas". Olivia also collaborated with
Mannheim Steamroller in 1998 for their CD and DVD "The Christmas Angel".

Visit: EMI Music Distrubution For more Information and song samples.

Track Listing:
01. Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow
02. Christmas Song (featuring Johnny Mathis)
03. Santa Claus is Comin' to Town
04.It Came Upon the Midnight Clear
05. Feliz Navidad
06. Catching Snowflakes on Your Tongue
07. Masters in This Hall
08. Above the Northern Lights
09. Frosty the Snowman
10. Traditions of Christmas
11. Christmas Lullaby (
featuring Olivia Newton-John)
12. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

Monday, August 13, 2007

Olivia to be in Philadelphia

Kimmel Cancer Center at Jefferson
925 Chestnut Street, Suite 110
Philadelphia PA 19107
Return Service Requested

Please join us for a one-of-a-kind concert featuring
Olivia Newton-John
to benefit the Kimmel Cancer Center at Jefferson
& the Olivia Newton-John Cancer Centre Appeal
Melbourne, Australia


Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts
The Perelman Theater
260 South Broad Street, Philadelphia

Kenneth Adelberg
Lisa Brownstein
Helen & Ralph A. Carabasi, Jr.
Peter Dalton
Marianne Dean
Ed Glickman
Ronna Hall
Jeffrey Orleans
Jay & Janet Osterholm
Vince & Janet Papale
Hon. Dennis & Betty Richardson
Roberta Tanenbaum
Patricia Wellenbach

Please call Jefferson Events 215-955-9100
or email events@jefferson.edu
Or Visit:Kimmer Cancer Center

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Olivia Featured On Alternative Medicine Magazine

Those Magic Changes

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Breast Cancer Survivor Olivia Newton-john is Featured in the September issue of "Alternative Medicine" Magazine. She talks about the transforming power of illness. and shares some healthy/living secrets.

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Magazine On Newstands Now!!

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Happy 27th Anniversary Xanadu!!!!!

Can you believe it has been 27 years ago today 8/8/1980 that Xanadu was released onto the big screen. I remember going to see it at the movie theater and i was so excited. There had already been alot of promotion up to it's release. Olivia's single "Magic" was #1 and in heavy rotation on top 40 radio stations. It was a very exciting time. I loved the movie then and i love it now. I never dreamed that it would have such a huge impact on so many people. Below is a timeline from Xanadu's beginings to the present.


September 18, 1979: Filming of Xanadu begins in Los Angeles, California. Filming locations include the Venice boardwalk (the muse mural), Palisades Park in Santa Monica (the scene where Kira first kisses Sonny), Malibu Pier (where Sonny falls into the water), the Pan-Pacific Auditorium (the outside of Xanadu), the Hollywood Bowl (where Kira and Sonny drink champagne), Fiorucci's in Beverly Hills (All Over the World scene), and Hollywood General Studios (the inside of Xanadu). The movie is directed by Robert Greenwald and produced by Joel Silver. It stars Olivia Newton-John, Gene Kelly, and Michael Beck, and includes songs written by John Farrar and Jeff Lynne of the Electric Light Orchestra. The dance numbers are choreographed by Kenny Ortega and co-choreographer Russell Clark, with one of them featuring an appearance by rock band the Tubes (Dancin'). There is also a unique animation sequence by former Disney animator Don Bluth.

April 14, 1980: Hollywood Nights, an Olivia Newton-John television special, airs after the 1980 Oscar telecast. Intended partly as publicity for the upcoming release of Xanadu, it features a musical number with Olivia and Gene Kelly, Makin' Movies.

June, 1980: Magic, I'm Alive, and Xanadu are released as singles. The soundtrack is released in July, and eventually yields even more hits: Suddenly, All Over the World, Don't Walk Away, and Suspended in Time.

July 25, 1980: Olivia appears as guest host on The Midnight Special. Several songs from the movie are performed, including Dancin', where she is seen in triplicate performing with the Tubes. She also performs Suddenly with Cliff Richard, Suspended in Time, and Magic.

August, 1980: The Making of Xanadu, a 30-minute television special about the making of the movie, is shown about a week before the movie is released.

August 8, 1980: Xanadu is released in the U.S. The movie is panned by critics but develops a cult following that grows steadily through the years.

May 26, 1984: Xanadu is broadcast for the first time on network television (CBS).

May 30, 1989: The building used for the outdoor shots of Xanadu, the Pan-Pacific Auditorium, burns down.

1989: The Xanadu soundtrack is first released on CD in Australia.

February 2, 1996: The legendary Gene Kelly passes away.

Sept. 8, 1998: The soundtrack is released on CD in the U.S.

July 20, 1999: The DVD is released in the U.S.

July 27, 2000: A smaller version of the Pan-Pacific Auditorium is rebuilt on the same location, completed in April 2002. It is used as a recreational facility.

Summer 2000: Director Annie Dorsen debuts Xanadu Live!, a staged version of the movie, at the 2000 Williamstown Theater Festival.

October 11, 2001: Xanadu Live! begins a one-month run in the 99-seat Gascon Center Theatre in Culver City, California. Produced by actress Amy Pietz and her husband, Kenny Alan Williams, the show is hugely successful and sells out almost every night. It is believed by some that this show sparked a new interest in the movie, leading to many screenings across the U.S.

November 12, 2002: Xanadu dancer and co-choreographer Russell Clark passes away.

Spring 2006: Plans are announced for an off-Broadway production of Xanadu, starting in the summer of 2007.

June 2, 2006: Vince Welnick, keyboardist for the Tubes, passes away.

July 2, 2006: Fred McCarren, who played Richie, passes away.

May 23, 2007: Xanadu previews begin on Broadway.

June 26, 2007: Xanadu opens on Broadway.

Xanadu Movie Trailer [1980]

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Mystic guru for our Olivia

Article from:Australian The Daily Telegraph

August 02, 2007 12:00am
Olivia Newton-John has turned to a US mystic to help her heal after battling breast cancer and the mysterious disappearance of her long-time partner Patrick McDermott.

The darling of Australian music will pay tribute next week to the woman described as her "spiritual guru", Caroline Myss, at a Sydney conference on life-coaching.

Promoters said the Chicago-based author, who will host her Entering The Castle seminar at Darling Harbour on August 11, has been "guiding Olivia through her dramas".

The lecture relates to Myss' book of the same name, which promises to lead followers on "an inner path to the divine and your soul".

A contemporary of international self-help guru Deepak Chopra, Myss will tell Australian audiences about her theories on the "mystical landscapes of our lives".

A convert to Myss' theory of becoming a "mystic without a monastery", Newton-John has dedicated her latest CD Grace and Gratitude to the American author and agreed to perform at her day-long Darling Harbour seminar for free.

The Aussie star, who returned to Australia last month for a charity commitment, is currently resting at her private health retreat in Byron Bay but has promised to join Myss on the Sydney leg of her book tour.

She turned to alternative help after being diagnosed with breast cancer in 1992.

It is understood she sought Myss' support through her more recent crisis, after her long-time partner disappeared off the coast of Los Angeles in July last year.

Article From:
Australian Daily Telegraph

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Olivia Newton-John makes TV advert for the bears!

Aussie star speaks out for the Moon Bears

Our long-time supporter Olivia Newton-John has come to our aid, recording a moving TV advertisement calling for an end to bear farming. And another talented supporter, German musician Andreas Goldschmidt, wrote the beautiful backing music.

Olivia’s impassioned plea is being broadcast throughout Australia and New Zealand, on Channel 7, Channel 9, National Geographic and SBS, across Asia on Star World and Nat Geo Wild and in other countries later in 2007.

On a recent whirlwind concert tour of Asia, lovely Olivia took time out of her hectic schedule to record the session in Hong Kong with yet another of our wonderful supporters, filmmaker Libby Halliday (who made "Moon Bears: Journey to Freedom", which was released recently on Animal Planet.)

We are so grateful that we can count on Olivia’s support: "It is simply heartbreaking that these poor bears are put through such unnecessary torture," she said recently. "Some of them are kept in tiny cages for up to quarter of a century. This is cruelty beyond belief. It is so important that people understand that there are plenty of effective and affordable alternatives to bear bile," she said.

Annie, Olivia, Jill & Livvy after the shoot

"I have a great deal of admiration for Jill and the Animals Asia team. They have a very tough job, but they are making real progress because their approach is non-confrontational and they work with the local authorities, not against them."

Ever the professional, this delightful, talented performer barely batted an eyelid when her suite at the InterContinenal in Kowloon was taken over by Jill, Libby, Annie (our Head of Media), Henry (the cameraman) and a lighting operator – not to mention a ton of equipment. Sipping a cup of herbal tea between takes, Olivia patiently repeated her lines over and over to ensure we had five different usable versions for broadcast in HK, Australia, NZ, the US and UK. So a huge thank you to Olivia, who, as Jill said, "didn’t just agree to make the announcement – she offered!".

Visit Animalsasia Official Website:

Watch The Advert: