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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Malibu Fire News Update

Olivia and her family safe from Malibu fires.

Olivia, Chloe and her family are safe. Her house has been evacuated but so far (Oct 22) it has been protected

Our thoughts are also with all other residents, pets and wildlife affected by the fire


Sunday, October 21, 2007

Breaking Olivia Newton-John News!!

Olivia Newton-John's Family Evacuated

Posted Oct 21st 2007 1:45PM by TMZ Staff
TMZ has confirmed that Olivia Newton-John's home is being threatened by the fire and her family has been evacuated. The singer is not in town, however, as she's in Canada wrapping up her tour.

This Fire Is Near Olivia's Home.

Celebrities already evacuated due to imminent fire danger include Titanic director James Cameron and singer Olivia Newton-John.

Others who live in that same area but have not been evacuated include Britney Spears, Jennifer Aniston, Sting, Bill Murray, Tatum O’Neal, Rob Reiner, Linda Ronstadt, David Arquette and Courteney Cox, David Geffen, Jeffrey Katzenberg, Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson.

Malibu 'at the mercy of the wind'

(CNN) -- A series of wildfires Sunday in Southern California led to evacuations in some areas, including the dormitories at Pepperdine University's campus in Malibu, and shut down the Malibu section of the Pacific Coast Highway.

Flames engulfed Castle Kashan located at the top of a hill in Malibu, California.

Three homes, one church and two businesses have been destroyed in the fire engulfing 1,000 acres, the Los Angeles County Fire Department said.

The Pacific Coast Highway was shut down in Malibu.

The county fire department as of 2 p.m. (5 p.m. ET) listed the following areas as being under mandatory evacuation orders: Montenedo, Malibu Road, Malibu Colony, Pepperdine, Malibu Crest, Serra Retreat and Big Rock.

Winds were clocked at 50 mph and were expected to increase throughout the day, said Fire Chief P. Michael Freeman.

Warning that the fire is "zero percent" contained, Malibu Mayor Pro Tem Pamela Conley Ulich said, "We are at the mercy of the wind."

Freeman's "best projection" is that the fire will last at least two days.

It began around 7 p.m. ET Saturday.

Hot weather and Santa Ana winds marked the height of traditional wildfire season this weekend, after one of the driest years on record.

"Thousands of homes are going to be threatened at one time or another based on the movement of the fire," said Freeman.

About 200 homes were evacuated Sunday morning, said Inspector Rick Dominguez of the Los Angeles County Fire Department.

About 250 firefighters were working to combat the fast-moving flames.

Noting that there have not been any reported injuries, Freeman urged residents not to return to their homes to retrieve anything.

"We're all scared to death and we have nowhere to go," Susan Nuttall, 51, told The Associated Press as she sat in her black Mercedes in a cul-de-sac after fleeing her condominium near the Pepperdine campus. She was wearing a bathrobe and holding her Chihuahua.

Video showed flames consuming the landmark Castle Kashan, a fortress-like home with turrets and arched windows.

Chunks of brick fell from the exterior of the burning building overlooking the coast. The house was not directly in the fire's path, but the powerful winds carried embers to the building, Dominguez said. Castle Kashan is the home of Lilly Lawrence, a Malibu philanthropist.

Daniel Collins, who has been staying at Castle Kashan for a few months, said he woke to thick smoke and "flames licking the windows."

"It was pretty intense," he told CNN. "And we were probably in this house for an hour or so watching this and finally they got us out of there. By the time we left, the castle was engulfed in flames."

Collins said he felt safe because there were many firefighters. Once he was helped from the castle, Collins rushed to see if his neighbors were safe and they were, he said.

Meanwhile, students at Pepperdine's Malibu campus were told to gather at Firestone Field House, while faculty and staff were gathering at Tyler Campus Center, campus police told CNN.

School spokesman Rick Gibson said school authorities went door-to-door clearing out the dorms. However, he said the school does not believe students and faculty are in any danger.

Los Angeles Fire Inspector Sam Padilla said the department was encouraging evacuations at the school because aerial views of the fires, fanned by winds, showed some buildings on the campus were threatened.

Power was also knocked out on the campus, he said.

The residential area Malibu Crest and vacation area Sierra Retreat also were evacuated Sunday, he said.

Evacuation centers were set up at Zuma Beach and authorities had aerial teams serving as lookouts, and helicopters and fire engines to areas as they became threatened, Dominguez said.

Residents of the threatened areas include Dick Van Dyke, Mel Gibson, and Olivia Newton John.

Meanwhile, another wind-driven wildfire has burned more than 500 acres of woodland in the Townsend Peak area of California's Angeles National Forest, in the northern section of Los Angeles County, according to U.S. Forest Service spokesman Stanton Florea.

The fire, which started just before 10 p.m. Saturday (1 a.m. Sunday ET) Saturday, threatens a condor habitat and destroyed an out-building, Florea said

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Olivia Newton-John, Jaclyn Smith on surviving breast cancer

ATLANTA, Georgia (CNN) -- Actress Jaclyn Smith will never forget the day she found out she had breast cancer. And she'll never forget the lesson she learned in those very first moments of being a cancer patient.
Olivia Newton-John

Jaclyn Smith

As her doctor gave her the diagnosis, "I was in a state of panic," she says. "It was kind of surreal, and you don't really hear what they're saying."

The lesson she learned that day: "Don't go it alone," she says. Her husband, Brad Allen, who was with her at the doctor's office, was better able to focus and ask questions about the best treatment options.

Smith says she remembers she did manage to ask one question: "I said, 'Am I going to be here for my children?' He said, '98 percent, yes.' "

Five years later, Smith is indeed here for her children. She's one of the 2.4 million women in the United States who've survived breast cancer, according to the National Cancer Institute. According to a report out this week from the American Cancer Society, the death rate from breast cancer went down 2.2 percent per year from 1990 to 2004.

This means more life for these women, and more wisdom from them about how to survive a cancer diagnosis. (Smith, for example, travels the country talking to women about breast cancer as a paid spokeswoman for drug company Eli Lilly). Here, from Smith, singer Olivia Newton-John, and gynecological oncologist Dr. Carolyn Runowicz, herself a breast cancer survivor, is advice that can come only from having been there.

Smith and Newton-John: Don't always trust your instincts

When Smith got home from the doctor's office that day, "I said, 'Take my breast off.' I said, 'Take it off, take it off, take it off." But she says her husband, who's a physician, showed her studies that showed that with her particular kind of tumor, it was best to do a lumpectomy with radiation.

Newton-John also found that her first instincts weren't always right. When her cancer was diagnosed in 1992, she was scared of having chemotherapy, and considered forgoing it and using alternative treatments, such as homeopathy and acupuncture instead.

"Common sense prevailed," said Newton-John. "One of my girlfriends said, 'Why would you want to risk even that one cancer cell? You have a child.' " She had chemotherapy after a modified radical mastectomy, and she says the chemo ended up not being nearly as bad as she'd feared.

Newton-John: Don't call your friends

When Newton-John got her diagnosis, she sat down to call her friends and tell them the bad news. Time was of the essence, since she knew a journalist was about to report erroneously that she was dying of cancer.

"The second friend I called burst into tears, and I thought, 'I don't need this,' " she says. "So I had a sister and friends make the calls. That way I could focus on positive thoughts, instead of on the illness."

Smith: 'Girlfriends saved my day'

"One of the most important things you can do is remember the power of girlfriends," Smith says. "Your family is there for you, but they get emotional. Girlfriends saved my day."

Smith says one friend who'd survived breast cancer was particularly helpful. "She'd been there and could say, 'Hey, look at me now. I'm on the other side of it.' "

Sometimes the girlfriends can be new friends. When Newton-John feared chemo, her oncologist put her in touch with other women who'd had the same treatment she'd be getting, and they helped her deal with her fears.

Runowicz: Know your tumor

It's very likely a breast cancer patient will be called upon to make choices: lumpectomy vs. mastectomy, or choices between different types of chemotherapy.

"In the old days, we used to be paternalistic, and tell patients what to do," says Runowicz, the immediate past president of the American Cancer Society and director of the Neag Cancer Center at the University of Connecticut. "Now we lay out all the choices for the patients."

For example, Runowicz said it wasn't at all clear what type of chemotherapy she should have -- three doctors gave her three different recommendations.

To make choices, she says, patients need to know what type of tumor they have and how fast it's growing. She says a tumor that is estrogen positive, progesterone positive, and HER2 negative is the "best" kind to have -- tumors with those genetic characteristics tend to be the easiest to treat. And if it's spread to more than three lymph nodes, that's a sign you might need more aggressive treatment.

Runowicz: 'It's never an emergency'

Runowicz tells breast cancer patients they have more time than they think to plan out a treatment strategy. "The cancer has been there for years before it's detected," she says. "Emotionally you feel like you have to do everything tomorrow, and you don't."

Runowicz recommends taking some time to get a second (and maybe third) opinion on treatment options, especially if the original doctor was not at a major cancer center.

And when they start chemotherapy, she tells women to give up any notions of having a normal life. "Chemo is in charge of your life. You get sick and you get tired," she says. "You just have to say, 'this is a year of my life, and it's going to be a short year and a long life.' " E-mail to a friend

All About Breast Cancer

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Preview of Olivia on "Healing Quest"

SONOMA, Calif., Oct. 2 /PRNewswire/ -- Lightbridge Media, the creators and producers of the Healing Quest television series (http://www.healingquest.tv) airing on PBS stations across the country, announced today that music and film icon Olivia Newton-John will join the series as a co-host beginning with January 2008 episodes.


Ms. Newton-John will join Judy Brooks and Roy Walkenhorst, the founders of Lightbridge Media and Healing Quest's current on-air hosts, in bringing programming that inspires, informs and empowers consumers to take responsibility for their health and well-being. She will also contribute as a producer-at-large with the Company across multiple media channels, as well as writing and recording new music for Healing Quest.

"We are so grateful to have Olivia joining us in the next phase of our quest to provide the most useful and trustworthy integrative health and well- being resources to consumers worldwide," said Judy Brooks, Co-Founder and Chief Content Officer of Lightbridge Media. Ms. Brooks went on to say "we met Olivia through her work with Deepak Chopra (http://www.deepakchopra.com) who is an active advisor to our Company and an on-air contributor to our TV series for the last two seasons. We found that we have a shared vision and passion with Olivia around creating a forum for hope and healing based on integrative health as a lifestyle."

Said Ms. Newton-John: "So many wonderful integrative therapies are available nowadays, whether it is to stay healthy or use when you're going through an illness. When I was sick with cancer I did it all: I went through the traditional protocols of surgery and chemotherapy -- the Western medicine route -- which I combined with other therapies such as homeopathy, acupuncture, massage, meditation and yoga to give myself every chance of recovery. It felt really empowering to take control this way by contributing to my own recovery."

"People want to be given unbiased information and then make their own decisions based on their care options," she said. "To be part of Healing Quest, a program that has the most current information on natural approaches to health and wellness, is a wonderful thing."

Adored by millions of fans around the globe, Olivia Newton-John's musical and film accomplishments are well known. Her public, humanitarian and wellness related activities have always been of equal importance throughout her career. Ms. Newton-John served as National Spokesperson for 10 years for Healthy Child - Healthy World (formerly the Children's Health Environmental Coalition / CHEC) founded in 1991, after the tragic death of her daughter Chloe's best friend from a rare childhood cancer (http://www.healthychild.org).

In the 90's, she successfully overcame her own battle with breast cancer, which inspired her "GAIA" album, reflecting upon her experiences with cancer. As a breast cancer survivor, Ms. Newton-John has become increasingly well known and respected for talking openly about her battle with breast cancer and for promoting public awareness of the importance of early detection.

She has partnered with the Austin & Repatriation Medical Centre in the creation of the "Olivia Newton-John Cancer Centre" (ONJCC) on the Austin Campus in her hometown, Melbourne, Australia. The ONJCC will provide a comprehensive range of services and facilities for cancer treatment, education, training and research, as well as a wellness center (http://www.oliviaappeal.com).

Her healing spirit also led to the opening of the GAIA Retreat & Spa in her homeland of Australia (http://www.GaiaRetreat.com.au). Ms. Newton-John's CD "Stronger Than Before", released in 2005, features songs of inspiration, courage and hope that relate to the complex emotions cancer patients and their loved ones experience. A portion of the CD's proceeds benefit cancer research.

Her critically-acclaimed recording, "Grace and Gratitude", a CD for relaxation to promote spiritual balance and physical and emotional healing, was released in September 2006 and coincided with the launch of Olivia's signature line of body, heart and spirit wellness products for women which include the "Olivia Breast Self-Exam Kit," an aid to helping women perform self-exams with more ease and confidence. To learn more about Ms. Newton-John, her latest CD "Christmas Wish" (in stores November 6, 2007), upcoming public television concert special "Live From Sydney!" and more please visit (http://olivianewton-john.com).

"We believe partnering with Olivia is a significant step in achieving our vision for the Healing Quest brand platform as the 'trusted guide' to help consumers navigate their growing integrative health and wellness options," said Roy Walkenhorst, Lightbridge Co-Founder and CEO. "Olivia shares our belief in the power of PBS as a broadcast partner for delivering credible and practical information to viewers to advance their personal healing journeys."

"Many of our contributing experts like Deepak Chopra and Andy Weil have laid the foundation for PBS to be the broadcast authority in health and wellness programming," he added. "With Olivia on board, we are developing plans to take our partnerships with the local PBS stations to the next level with co-marketing outreach and live events."

Lightbridge Media is in a unique position to capitalize on this booming but fragmented market that is currently estimated to be about $500 billion in the US alone, having doubled in the past 5 years. Lightbridge Board Member and CMO, Ross Anderson said: "We believe that the trend of both consumers and conventional medical doctors moving toward a more 'integrative' model of preventive health care will continue, and that the consumer will play an increasingly influential role in healthcare decision-making, resulting in an increased demand for authentic and authoritative information, advice, services and products."

Anderson added: "Building from our flagship Healing Quest series Lightbridge has the brand platform and consumer reach backed by a well- developed business plan and management team to become a powerful cross-media, social networking and merchandising leader in the wellness space."

About Lightbridge Media

Headquartered in the 'Valley of the Moon" -- Sonoma, California -- Lightbridge Media is an early-stage cross-media and lifestyle company founded by media veterans Roy Walkenhorst and Judy Brooks. The Company is developing its Healing Quest(C) branded TV series into a powerful cross-media, social networking and merchandising leader in the wellness space. Healing Quest will serve as a public face for uniting the growing wellness movement, creating a dedicated resource for this affluent lifestyle community. The brand platform will encompass television, broadband video, social networking, marketing, e- commerce, radio and live events. The Healing Quest TV series, now entering its fourth season on PBS, is recognized as a pre-eminent source of information for the growing number of people who seek authentic and authoritative information on integrative health and well-being, across physical, nutritional, emotional and spiritual dimensions. The credibility of Healing Quest is such that Deepak Chopra, the renowned pioneer in mind-body medicine, has signed on as a regular contributor, and the show features other thought-leading integrative medicine experts like Andrew Weil, Joan Borysenko and Dr. Memet Oz. (http://www.healingquest.tv)

Ross Anderson (917.797.2478)
Lightbridge Media
1051 Broadway, Suite F
Sonoma, CA, 95476
Tel.: (707) 939-4920

Olivia Takes Secret Dance Lessons

Dance teacher unwittingly twirls with Newton-John

Burton Cummings Theatre, Winnipeg, Canada
Thursday Oct 11 2007
Photos by Kerry Galenzoski

Updated Sat. Oct. 13 2007 2:23 PM ET

CTV.ca News Staff

A Winnipeg dance instructor unwittingly gave lessons recently to Olivia Newton-John.

The British-born, Australian-raised singer and actor arrived in the Prairie city a day before her concert there and wanted a little dancing tune-up.

"We felt like dancing so we looked up a dance class on the Internet and found one, and had a really fun time," she told CTV Winnipeg. "I learned how to jive!"

Newton-John, 59, wanted to dance, but she didn't want attention. She didn't tell Ted Motyka who she was. "He doesn't know that we were there. We were just part of a gang," she said.

He found out Friday when CTV News told him.

"I was kind of stunned! It's a great, great honour to have her here," Motyka said.

"I thought the face was familiar, but you can't really tell unless you really put the thought to it," he said. "We were chatting after the class. They told me they were from California. But it never clicked because I had the next class right after that!"

Now he realizes he actually danced with John.

"She was kind of afraid of dancing a tango," he said.

"She was like, 'No, no. I don't know this. And I said, 'You'll see, you'll do very good'. And the first time, no problem whatsoever," Motyka said. "Big compliments to Olivia Newton-John for being so quick and such a wonderful student."

Newton-John complimented her coach: "Very good teacher, very good. Yeah, I liked it!"

She only had the one lesson, but Motyka and his wife Margaret, also a dance instructor, hope John will return.

"Next time she should bring (John) Travolta, maybe show us a few moves from that movie," Margaret said, referring to Travolta's and Newton-John's 1978 musical mega-hit "Grease."

Added John: "It was great dancing with her, even if I didn't know it at the time."

Report from CTV Winnipeg's Jon Hendricks

Saturday, October 13, 2007

The Great Wall Of China Walk For A Cure

Olivia Newton-John’s
Long Walk for
a Cure

Friday, October 12, 2007

“There seems to be an increase in breast cancer,” said Newton-John. “For me, since I recorded my album in ‘92 when I was first diagnosed, I felt attached to mother earth and always said, as mother earth is getting sick we, women, are getting sick too. We’re a byproduct of mother earth. We need to take better care of ourselves.”

Today, 15 years after battling the disease, the singer and actress, best known for her role as Sandy in Grease and as the ‘80s pop star who had everyone “getting physical,” is still spreading the word about breast cancer awareness across the planet, mainly through the development of a cancer and wellness center, Olivia Newton-John Cancer Center, in her hometown of Melbourne, Australia.

Newton-John may be 59, but she looks as fabulous as ever. Her latest undertaking serves as a testament to her youthfulness and will keep her on her feet for three weeks as she treks half-way around the earth to spread awareness in China during a walk along the Great Wall. The walk will raise money for research at the new cancer center.

The Great Wall of China Walk will commence in April 2008 in the weeks leading up to the May Day opening celebrations of the Olympics Games in Beijing and be chock full of celebrities, politicians, ex-Olympians and more — invites are currently in the mail.

The event will be followed online for the duration of the walk, and fans will have an opportunity to log in and sponsor a celebrity for as many hours and days as they walk. Up to 60 celebrities and other government representatives and Chinese business leaders will walk the length of the more than 2,000-year-old wall, and will climb 1,500,000 steps for approximately 621 miles on their way to Beijing.

The wall’s entire length stretches approximately 4,163 miles, which stretches from east to west China, but most of the area is too damaged for climbing.

There will be no signs on or near the wall, so 20th Century fortresses along the man-made structure will act as milestones for the walkers and the media.

“This will be a walk with people from all different walks of life from ex-Olympians, politicians, environmentalists, all who will walk in support,” she said.

It’s All in the Research

The Olivia Newton-John Cancer Center, which will have facilities for cancer treatment, education, training and research, is scheduled to open in the next two to three years, pending funding, and will be an extension of the Austin Health Center, which currently houses the Ludwig Center for cancer research, and is connected to all major research centers around the world.

The addition of the Wellness Center within the hospital is something that Newton-John thinks would be a beneficial addition to hospitals, because it gives patients a chance to recover mentally and physically from cancer.

“They were building a hospital in my hometown in Melbourne and asked if I would lend my name to the cancer care center,” she said. “I also told them that I would like to lend my name to a Wellness Center, because you need to focus on overall wellness, not just the illness. There needs to be focus on every part, the heart mind and the body.”

The Wellness Center will let women get massages and sit and talk to family members and other patients in a relaxing environment, something Newton-John said should always be incorporated in some way to a woman’s recovery.

“Wellness would be respite if you have the right treatment,” she said. “Women can sit down and have a cup of tea with other patients. It’s kind of a peaceful place and can become a major part in their recovery. I think it would be a great place where patient can be treated as a whole and not just as patients.”

Newton-John has been working to get the word out on breast cancer, but still thinks more women, whether young or old, need to know how to notice the signs and catch the disease early on. “I think with breast cancer, there is a lot of awareness out there,” she said. “Of all the illnesses, this is the one to me that seems to be getting a lot of conversation. Every magazine and almost every television show has something on breast cancer—you have to at least be aware of it.”

She added, “But there are many things that still need to be drawn on having gone through breast cancer. Woman need to check themselves. Early detection is key. Be aware of what is normal to you. We all have different bodies and breasts and need to be aware when something is not right.”

She is currently looking into ways to work with hospitals and other organizations in China for the walk next April, her main focus being the hospital in Melbourne. A performance in the upcoming Frosted Pink broadcast with other artists like Heart, Joss Stone and Anastacia, who was also diagnosed with breast cancers, as well as ice skaters and other personalities, will also be another project of awareness.

Aside from specific, breast cancer awareness projects, she also has a new Christmas album, Christmas Wish, scheduled to come out this November and is part owner of the GAIA Retreat and Spa in Australia. “It’s about health and healing,” she said. “It’s a beautiful place to go to rest and heal in a beautiful, peaceful part in Australia. It’s another aspect of my life in Australia.

For now, she’s making sure she paces herself in all her projects. To start, she said that she’s going to have to get in shape for the walk, since some of the steps along the Great Wall are slanted at a 45-degree angle.

“It takes up a lot of my time,” she said. “I have other things I’m involved in, but I try to do what I can. I can’t spread myself too thin. I think women, from meeting women who are going through breast cancer or have had scares, or maybe it’s just being a woman, but we try to be everything to everybody.’ she said.

“We need to take time to care for ourselves.”

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Olivia Featured In US Magazines

Olivia In
Natural Health and
Town and Country Magazines

Olivia recently interviewed and featured in both
(October 2007 issues)

Grease is Still the Word

For Olivia Newton-John, Grease
is Still the Word

Date: 10/2/2007

While in NYC promoting her new public television special and upcoming holiday CD, CHRISTMAS WISH, Olivia stopped by the Brooks Atkinson Theatre to see the stars of the new Broadway revival of Grease, Laura Osnes and Max Crumm. The trio had some fun talking about the show and seeing each other again. (Olivia was a guest judge on the NBC reality show, GREASE: YOU'RE THE ONE THAT WE WANT that let America cast Laura and Max as Sandy and Danny in the new Broadway revival.

With her winsome beauty and melodic voice, Olivia Newton-John won the hearts of a hundred million movie-goers in the late 1970s with the musical blockbuster Grease. And on Tuesday, October 2, the girl from Oz won our hearts here at Broadway.com all over again by dropping by the new revival of the 1950s styled rock 'n' roll musical at the Brooks Atkinson Theatre, and taking some snapshots with Grease's You're The One That I Want TV champs Laura Osnes and Max Crumm. Gorgeous to see you again, Olivia! Take a look.

Photos by Bruce Glikas/Broadway.com

Friday, October 5, 2007

Press Release Olivia Live In Sydney DVD

Olivia Newton-John And The Sydney
Symphony Orchestra (Live At The Sydney Opera House)

Michael Caprio


Hollywood, California – September 27, 2007 – With a career spanning more than four
decades, Olivia Newton-John has been one of the world’s top entertainment stars, with
international successes in the studio, on tour, on television and in films. In March 2006,
Newton-John performed 27 of her most popular hits and songs near and dear to her
heart with the Sydney Symphony at the historic Sydney Opera House.

“This concert was very special to me as it combined my career as a singer with my
personal roots growing up in Australia,” said Olivia. “I had the honor of performing at
the Opera House for the Queen but, this night was even more special as it gave me the
chance to perform all of my hits in this historic building – it’s hard to believe that I have
been singing for so long!”

On January 15, 2008, Capitol / EMI, in conjunction with ONJ Productions, will release
Olivia Newton-John And The Sydney Symphony Orchestra (Live At The Sydney
Opera House) on DVD – a musical celebration of Olivia’s illustrious career featuring
over two hours of her hits spanning more than four decades. In addition, the DVD
features a personal tour of some of Olivia’s favorite spots in Sydney from the Harbor
Bridge to Manly Beach, a vacation spot where she spent many summers as a child.

Beginning December 2007, Public Television will broadcast an hour-long edit of
highlights, Olivia Newton-John – Live In Sydney! from this stellar performance (check
local listings). The Public Television world premiere of this special will debut in New
York on WLIW-TV Channel 21 on October 2, 2007 at 8:00 p.m.

With a career spanning over four decades, Olivia has sold more than 50 million albums
worldwide, has had more than ten #1 hit singles, received numerous Grammy,
American Music, Billboard, Country Music and People’s Choice Awards and, an Emmy
Award for songwriting. She has also starred in numerous television shows, specials and
motion pictures including Grease and Xanadu, both of which are currently experiencing
new life as hits on Broadway.

In 1978, her co-starring role with John Travolta in Grease catapulted Newton-John into
superstardom. The film’s popularity fueled the best-selling movie musical soundtrack in
history, featuring the hits "You’re The One That I Want" and "Summer Nights" with
Travolta, as well as the mega-hit, "Hopelessly Devoted To You." To date the film
remains the most successful movie musical of all time. Her other film credits include
Xanadu, Two Of A Kind, It’s My Party, and Sordid Lives. She will recreate her role in
Sordid Lives for the forthcoming television series of the same name that will begin
airing in 2008 on Logo.

Adored by millions of fans around the globe, Olivia’s ongoing philanthropic efforts have
remained a major focus as she continues to give back to the community through a
variety of organizations. Among them is the Olivia Newton-John Cancer Centre, which
will provide a comprehensive range of services and facilities for cancer treatment,
education training and research, including a wellness center for the mind, body and

Olivia’s public, humanitarian and wellness related activities have always been of equal
importance throughout her career. Lightbridge Media, the creators and producers of the
Healing Quest branded television series (www.healingquest.tv) airing on PBS have
announced that Newton-John will join the Company and its acclaimed series beginning
in January 2008. As a new on-air co-host for the Healing Quest series, she will join
Judy Brooks and Roy Walkenhorst, the founders of Lightbridge Media and the current
on-air hosts in bringing programming that inspires, informs and empowers consumers to
take responsibility for their health and well-being. Olivia will also contribute as a
producer-at-large with the company across multiple media channels, producing stories
on integrative and natural approaches to health from around the globe, as well as
writing and recording some new music for Healing Quest.

In addition, Olivia remains extremely active in the recording studio. Following the critical
acclaim of her 2006 release, Grace and Gratitude, for which Billboard Magazine said
“Newton-John is soulfully committed to every word she sings, and fans will be taken
with the plush arrangements, melodic warmth and, of course, the artist’s regal vocals,”
Olivia will release Christmas Wish. The CD, featuring her signature vocals and
stunning new arrangements of classic holiday favorites as well as new songs written by
Olivia will be available exclusively at all Target store locations on November 6, 2007.

For the latest tour dates, music and other news, please visit OliviaNewton-John.com.

Olivia Newton-John And The Sydney
Symphony Orchestra (Live At The
Sydney Opera House)

1. Have You Never Been Mellow
2. Magic
3. Xanadu
4. Dancin’
5. Stronger Than Before
6. If Not For You
7. Let Me Be There
8. Please Mr. Please
9. Jolene
10. If You Love Me, Let Me Know
11. Physical
12. Don’t Stop Believin’
13. Suddenly
14. Not Gonna Give In To It
15. Cry Me A River

(TRT: 3:07:00)


"Live At The Sydney Opera House"
DVD Press Release [PDF File]