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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Preview of Olivia on "Healing Quest"

SONOMA, Calif., Oct. 2 /PRNewswire/ -- Lightbridge Media, the creators and producers of the Healing Quest television series (http://www.healingquest.tv) airing on PBS stations across the country, announced today that music and film icon Olivia Newton-John will join the series as a co-host beginning with January 2008 episodes.


Ms. Newton-John will join Judy Brooks and Roy Walkenhorst, the founders of Lightbridge Media and Healing Quest's current on-air hosts, in bringing programming that inspires, informs and empowers consumers to take responsibility for their health and well-being. She will also contribute as a producer-at-large with the Company across multiple media channels, as well as writing and recording new music for Healing Quest.

"We are so grateful to have Olivia joining us in the next phase of our quest to provide the most useful and trustworthy integrative health and well- being resources to consumers worldwide," said Judy Brooks, Co-Founder and Chief Content Officer of Lightbridge Media. Ms. Brooks went on to say "we met Olivia through her work with Deepak Chopra (http://www.deepakchopra.com) who is an active advisor to our Company and an on-air contributor to our TV series for the last two seasons. We found that we have a shared vision and passion with Olivia around creating a forum for hope and healing based on integrative health as a lifestyle."

Said Ms. Newton-John: "So many wonderful integrative therapies are available nowadays, whether it is to stay healthy or use when you're going through an illness. When I was sick with cancer I did it all: I went through the traditional protocols of surgery and chemotherapy -- the Western medicine route -- which I combined with other therapies such as homeopathy, acupuncture, massage, meditation and yoga to give myself every chance of recovery. It felt really empowering to take control this way by contributing to my own recovery."

"People want to be given unbiased information and then make their own decisions based on their care options," she said. "To be part of Healing Quest, a program that has the most current information on natural approaches to health and wellness, is a wonderful thing."

Adored by millions of fans around the globe, Olivia Newton-John's musical and film accomplishments are well known. Her public, humanitarian and wellness related activities have always been of equal importance throughout her career. Ms. Newton-John served as National Spokesperson for 10 years for Healthy Child - Healthy World (formerly the Children's Health Environmental Coalition / CHEC) founded in 1991, after the tragic death of her daughter Chloe's best friend from a rare childhood cancer (http://www.healthychild.org).

In the 90's, she successfully overcame her own battle with breast cancer, which inspired her "GAIA" album, reflecting upon her experiences with cancer. As a breast cancer survivor, Ms. Newton-John has become increasingly well known and respected for talking openly about her battle with breast cancer and for promoting public awareness of the importance of early detection.

She has partnered with the Austin & Repatriation Medical Centre in the creation of the "Olivia Newton-John Cancer Centre" (ONJCC) on the Austin Campus in her hometown, Melbourne, Australia. The ONJCC will provide a comprehensive range of services and facilities for cancer treatment, education, training and research, as well as a wellness center (http://www.oliviaappeal.com).

Her healing spirit also led to the opening of the GAIA Retreat & Spa in her homeland of Australia (http://www.GaiaRetreat.com.au). Ms. Newton-John's CD "Stronger Than Before", released in 2005, features songs of inspiration, courage and hope that relate to the complex emotions cancer patients and their loved ones experience. A portion of the CD's proceeds benefit cancer research.

Her critically-acclaimed recording, "Grace and Gratitude", a CD for relaxation to promote spiritual balance and physical and emotional healing, was released in September 2006 and coincided with the launch of Olivia's signature line of body, heart and spirit wellness products for women which include the "Olivia Breast Self-Exam Kit," an aid to helping women perform self-exams with more ease and confidence. To learn more about Ms. Newton-John, her latest CD "Christmas Wish" (in stores November 6, 2007), upcoming public television concert special "Live From Sydney!" and more please visit (http://olivianewton-john.com).

"We believe partnering with Olivia is a significant step in achieving our vision for the Healing Quest brand platform as the 'trusted guide' to help consumers navigate their growing integrative health and wellness options," said Roy Walkenhorst, Lightbridge Co-Founder and CEO. "Olivia shares our belief in the power of PBS as a broadcast partner for delivering credible and practical information to viewers to advance their personal healing journeys."

"Many of our contributing experts like Deepak Chopra and Andy Weil have laid the foundation for PBS to be the broadcast authority in health and wellness programming," he added. "With Olivia on board, we are developing plans to take our partnerships with the local PBS stations to the next level with co-marketing outreach and live events."

Lightbridge Media is in a unique position to capitalize on this booming but fragmented market that is currently estimated to be about $500 billion in the US alone, having doubled in the past 5 years. Lightbridge Board Member and CMO, Ross Anderson said: "We believe that the trend of both consumers and conventional medical doctors moving toward a more 'integrative' model of preventive health care will continue, and that the consumer will play an increasingly influential role in healthcare decision-making, resulting in an increased demand for authentic and authoritative information, advice, services and products."

Anderson added: "Building from our flagship Healing Quest series Lightbridge has the brand platform and consumer reach backed by a well- developed business plan and management team to become a powerful cross-media, social networking and merchandising leader in the wellness space."

About Lightbridge Media

Headquartered in the 'Valley of the Moon" -- Sonoma, California -- Lightbridge Media is an early-stage cross-media and lifestyle company founded by media veterans Roy Walkenhorst and Judy Brooks. The Company is developing its Healing Quest(C) branded TV series into a powerful cross-media, social networking and merchandising leader in the wellness space. Healing Quest will serve as a public face for uniting the growing wellness movement, creating a dedicated resource for this affluent lifestyle community. The brand platform will encompass television, broadband video, social networking, marketing, e- commerce, radio and live events. The Healing Quest TV series, now entering its fourth season on PBS, is recognized as a pre-eminent source of information for the growing number of people who seek authentic and authoritative information on integrative health and well-being, across physical, nutritional, emotional and spiritual dimensions. The credibility of Healing Quest is such that Deepak Chopra, the renowned pioneer in mind-body medicine, has signed on as a regular contributor, and the show features other thought-leading integrative medicine experts like Andrew Weil, Joan Borysenko and Dr. Memet Oz. (http://www.healingquest.tv)

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