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Friday, November 16, 2007

Olivia Newton-John: Olivia's Odyssey

Olivia Newton-John, who turns 60 next September, is leading a trek in China next year to raise funds for cancer.She Olivia will lead a tem with the walk planned to take take 21 days to walk 228km along the Great Wall of China.

Starting out on April 7, 2008, and ending up in Beijing, the team will include overseas celebrities, sports stars and cancer survivors. And if you're wondering with Australian celebrities are to take part – look no further than our own intrepid Kochie!

The trip is a a fundraiser – businesses and individuals are being asked to sponsor people for one dollar per step. The goal is to raiseat least $10 million for Olivia's Wellness Centre.

The Wellness Centre would be a quiet place for patients and their families to visit. It would provide complementary therapies such as support programs for patients and their families, meditation, relaxation, massage, art and music therapy, nutrition, exercise, aromatherapy.

The centre is planned to be built in Melbourne in 2012.

This would be the first Wellness Centre in Australia to be based at a major cancer research and treatment hospital, it's aim being to treat the whole persoin, not simply the disease.

Olivia has herself fought breast cancer which she was diagnosed with 15 years ago.

Olivia Newton-John, preparing yesterday for her 21-day walk along the
Great Wall of China. It will raise money for breast cancer research.

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