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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Merry Christmas Olivia!

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This is a Special Holiday Greeting To Olivia from More Than Physical and all of her Fans.

Feel free to sign the Card in the Comments Section.
Merry Christmas To Everyone.


DjPault said...

Merry Christmas, Olivia to you and your family. You have brought us so much Peace and Joy. Thank You.

beethoven said...

Merry Christmas Olivia! I hope you, your family, and your friends will all be able to experience time with each other this Christmas season, and all next year. Merry Christmas and a Happy 2008!

buca55 said...

Merry Christmas Olivia and Chloe, and to your entire family. Thank you for blessing us with your beautiful talent.
Bucabeach (Jeff)

DAVARKS said...

David Bleach said
Merry christmas and a happy new year to you and chloe.i have been a fan of yours since 1974 and still am and i have got my partner mark and his daughter Saffie in to your music to and shes 9 years old so thats another generation loving your songs.
our dream is to see you in concert will you be comming to uk on your tour fans in uk would love to see you its been a long time
lots of love and kisses from Dave,Mark&Saffie Bleach FROM UK

Rick McComb said...

Dear Olivia and Chloe:
All I can say besides Happy Holidays is I just love love love you. It is so great to have you at the top and releasing new cd's and dvd's. The latest, Christmas Wish, I love and look forward to the dvd I read about at Amazon. Do you know I actually remember how long between Soul Kiss and The Rumour, it was a wait. You make people like me go for more happiness than we are used to so I just wanna say, it works. DepaaK And all, gave it a shot, and may just buy a book of his. Not many people, celebs or any one, go out of their way like you do.
I think you, Chloe, sing beautiful as well, and i am not alone in that feeling. It is Chrismas Eve, and I mention somehting that kind of pulls at my heart. My sister was probably 15 so this is maybe 30 yrs ago, she was just getting into music and she would show me her 45's and play them, and I thought she was the coolest, my intro to music. One of the first songs I remember hearing was Please Mr. Please, and i was not even probalbly 5 or 6. I loved my sister Alison so much and we sure did love you. She died almost 20 yrs ago but I still have memories, and my own cd copy of the full length. I keep those images fresh becuase it brings me there almost, when i think and really. really remember,not 15 secs, but minutes, 10 maybe for exmaple. It is almost like reliving a moment, well just so fresh you wont believe, and it is from thinking about her, not running from sadness because she is gone, and even a dream here and there. That was so far before Grease. So far before i reallyu did anything . See I do love you and am just thrilled to see you so so successful and with music and performance the bestit has ever been. I know from Ft Myers FL concert at Edison college, Barbara B. Mann Hall, a highlight of my life. If the dance cd materializes, it is going to the top. The mixes are more enjoyable than any out now,ready for clubs, and you will sell so so much. Please do that next because that would hit the charts next to the rest, and everyone will know what I do, that is Olivia Newton John is in a class of her own, at the top.
Merry Christmas
Rick McComb 4004 Winkler Ave
#103 Ft Myers FL 33916 rickmccomb@hotmail.com (239)745-1175

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