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Friday, April 10, 2009

Happy Birthday "Amazon John" Easterling

Happy birthday to "Amazon John" thank you for all that you do to help us as humans and our planet.

Circle of Benefit

Amazon John

Initially on an adventure, like a swash buckling Indiana Jones, looking for the lost treasures of the Amazon, John Easterling fell deathly ill, miles from any hospital, doctor or medical help. He was taken in by an indigenous tribe along the banks of the Amazon who restored him to full health through the knowledge of the local medicine man and the incredible herbal concoctions that have been part of tribal life for centuries.

The Amazon Rainforest is the most species-rich forested area in the World. Among the diverse region are thousands of medicinal species; some with long traditional history which has been orally handed down from generation to generation, others have long published histories as medicinal species, others do not but their reputation is growing. There are also still many medicinal species yet unknown to science and which remain to be discovered. The Amazon Herb Co. uses over 50 of these powerful botanicals in its varying unique skin care formulations and nutrition blends. From these 50 botanicals we have our most prized Treasures of the Rainforest – the ‘amazing Amazon eleven’. Explore the herbs here and discover the treasures yourself.

Amazon John, as he became known, has been to the Amazon about 300 times and continues to pay back by creating the finance and ability for the local tribes to survey, stake and ultimately own the forests that they have been living in, resulting in some familes owning 13,000 acres of lush bio-diverse land that can legally be kept from the logging and farming companies. Now, John helps the local people cultivate their land to provide sources of herbs rich in nutrients and vital to human health.

This amazing company provides a circle of benefit that is truly inspiring. The money earned by Amazon Herbs is distributed to everyone involved in cultivating the herbs, distributing them and providing them to the public through independent distributors.

Video and Article courtesy of The Conscious Media Network

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