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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Olivia Newton-John Star Tribune

Star Tribune reporter C.J. talks to Olivia about Zamu, Lip-Sync and Twittering. While Olivia and husband John Easterling where in Minneapolis Minnesota to promote Zamu.

Article By C.J., Star Tribune

Lip-syncing and Twittering are two things we aren't likely to find Grammy winner Olivia Newton-John doing, although she's very much enjoys kissing her new husband.

In a world gone increasingly tacky and wacky, Britney Spears -- and more astoundingly the fans who thought her Minneapolis show was such a phenomenal production that it didn't matter she mostly wasn't singing -- was at the top of my mind Monday when I caught up with Newton-John. She was in the metro with her husband, John Easterling, founder of Amazon Herb Co., who came to promote Zamu, a certified organic beverage made from ingredients in the rain forest.

Easterling's presentation for drinkzamu.com at the Airport Marriott attracted a standing-room-only crowd. Not having just fallen off a coconut truck, Easterling knew most of those people were there to see his internationally famous wife and pop icon.

In a quick interview, I asked Newton-John about these singers thinking that actually singing is not part of the concert job. "It's just a different era," said Newton-John, who can "I haven't seen many shows where they lip-sync, but I think it's kind of accepted nowadays. We didn't do lip-syncing when I was touring. You sang everything live. If you [did] television sometimes, and the set was large and you had to dance, sometimes, you'd pre-record or sing to your record, but not on stage."

For sure, Spears and her supporters would claim that the complicated staging and rigorous dancing justified her lip-syncing.

Of course, I believe the real reason Spears lip-syncs is that she's not a good singer. Spears' vocal instrument has always been flimsily compared to Christina Aguilera, Rihanna, Jennifer Hudson, Beyoncé and my favorite, Patti Austin, all of whom are tremendous singers.

Could Newton-John imagine Ella Fitzgerald lip-syncing? "Of course not," she said.

Anybody else remember Fitzgerald's performance at St. Paul's Ordway the night an announcement was made for a doctor in house? Fitzgerald wasn't well and she wasn't lip-syncing.

We've come a long, sorry way since all that outrage over Milli Vanilli.

She's anti-Twitter

Don't expect to follow Olivia Newton-John on Twitter.

"I try to escape people following me," she said.

She could do what some celebrities are obviously doing, something I call a "fake tweety." Newton-John has already got followers, as I learned after giving her a giggle while informing her that TMZ.com ran a clip of her being asked if she still gets physical. "Let's get physical" was the hook in one of ONJ's biggest hits.

Newton-John and Amazon John, as he's known, are still in that very kissy phase of their relationship; I saw them kiss four times in 20 minutes. Newton-John seemed perplexed by the attention of TMZ but said those cameras are always following her.

Yet another reason ONJ doesn't need to tweet.

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