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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Olivia Newton-John's food philosophy

Olivia Newton-John has had her share of trials, but is as radiant as ever. Here, Olivia shares her food philosophy for a healthy life from her first book, Livwise.

Now that I am 18 years past my initial diagnosis of breast cancer and feeling better than I’ve ever felt before, I think of myself as a cancer thriver! People often ask me what my secret is and want to know how I manage to stay slim, active and healthy at my age – I feel timeless and even though my passport says so it is hard for me to comprehend that I am 62 years young!

"I have picked up some information about health and nutrition over the years, and with Livwise I wanted to present some of what I do to stay healthy. I believe first and foremost that simplicity is the key to healthy eating. My food philosophy is that what you eat goes in, and if it doesn’t come out it has to go somewhere else – like on your hips!

"It starts with a combination of controlling portion size, ensuring the food is of the best quality you can find (organic is preferable), exercising regularly, drinking lots of water and eating enough fibre to keep your internal wheels turning so you can expel waste and any toxins efficiently.

A basic diet should consist mostly of plants, vegetables and fruit, some whole grains, nuts and seeds. It should include some protein-rich foods and a small amount of healthy fats. I call it the common sense diet!”

Livwise by Olivia Newton-John (Murdoch Books, $39.99) is out now.
Supporting wellness

Currently in development, the Olivia Newton-John Cancer and Wellness Centre in Melbourne will support cancer research and offer cutting-edge treatments plus complementary programs, such as massage, yoga and music therapy. “It is a centre I dreamed of as I was going through my cancer journey,” says Olivia. “My vision is that cancer becomes a footnote in history.” Olivia’s royalties from Livwise will support the centre; visit www.oliviaappeal.com to donate.

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